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The original Bullworker designed by Gert F Kölbel in 1963 was a 2 sleeved telescopic metal cylinder device which was spring loaded in the centre, with 2 plastic or rubber hand grips at the ends. In addition 2 opposing cables are attached to the hand grips which was the distinguishing feature of this as opposed to earlier devices. Exercises are performed by pushing inwards on the handles or by pulling outwards on the cables. The compression of the internal spring created the resistance giving resistance levels often in excess of 200 pounds from a device which weighs around 4 pounds.


Bull Worker

The Bullworker - Bull Worker isometric exercise is the fastest way to build muscle & lose fat. The bullworker isometric home gym has for for over 50 years been the best way to add muscle size by the appliance of scientific isometric exercises which allow you to stimulate muscle growth in as fast as 7 seconds. The 7 second principal has become the Hallmark of the bull worker and the training principles have allowed people all over the world to attain results that have transformed the physiques of countless people the world over. The product has spawned many clone devices many of which are equally as good as the original device, the principles though have recently undertaken an extreme makeover brining them into the 21st century to cater for the needs of people looking for Extreme Muscle Growth and Development from a home gym based exercise device.

Over the years countless people have been inspired into the world of muscle building by the bullworker. The term bullworker or Bull Worker has become a generic one used to describe a certain genre of home gym based exercise devices which typically all employ the same 7 seconds contraction principal utilising isometric contract contraction in order to stimulate muscle growth. For many the bull worker was regarded as an upper body exerciser and had some quite dramatic effects on chest, shoulder and arm development. It has only been in recent years that the full potential of this device has been explored and now FULL BODY WORKOUTS have been shown to be the best way to build muscle using this sort of device.

The standard way of training with the BullWorker has not changed over the years. By means of example if we look at chest training. Hold the Bull worker in front on the outside of the handles about chest height. Slowly compress the device as far as possible and hold for 7-10 seconds, then release it (the principal is the same for all varieties of the Bullworker and its clones such as the Bully Xtreme, Steel Bow & Iso7x) . To train the upper chest, hold and compress the device at chin level. Compress it at a lower angle to hit the lower chest all with a 7-10 second hold phase.


Isometric exercises or isometric muscle contractions have been used for many many years as a way to quickly build muscle without the use of specialist equipment. However when you do isometrics with specialist equipment such as the BullWorker the variations of exercises available to you dramatically increase. In addition the type of resistance that bullworkers provide helps to stimulate more muscle fibres which in turn leads to muscular growth and strength development. Check out our main Isometrics page now or you can also check out:

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The bullworker allows you to perform a variety of isometric and isotonic exercises - however the key to effectively using a Bullworker for muscle and body building purposes is not something that you generally find in the exercise charts supplied with the product. This is because those marketing the product tried to produce a "one size fits all" product, and, in many respects it does. Used in the traditional manner the Bullworker can be used effectively by both men and women, and used to achieve a variety of fitness and health related objectives. As with most things in life though, some people want more, and for those who want to build extra large muscles the training when using the bullworker is radically different, but then it does produce radically different results too. Check out BULLWORKER MUSCLE BUILDING.

Once in every generation a product comes along that makes its mark on history. In the fitness and bodybuilding arenas such products are rare and THE BULLWORKER - worlds best selling isometric home gym - is one of the few that both stands out from the crowd and has stood the tests of time. Bullworkers are used by people of a vast variety of ages, men and women, sports professionals and keep fit and muscle building enthusiasts. A bullworker workout, done correctly, should be an intense, brief and concentrated. You will see original Bullworkers sold in various places such as ebay, you can buy clone Bullworkers online, it doesnt matter where you buy them from the key thing is HOW you use it. Use it correctly and it will prove to be the best and most effective piece of home gym equipment you can buy.


The appliance of science to muscle growth and fat loss - The BullWorker.

The Bullworker is the best selling isometric home gym exerciser in the world. Originally called the Tensolator this German designed device was manufactured and marketed from the UK. Over the last few years considerable research into isometric based technology and specifically Bull Worker or similar training devices has taken place in the UK where the latest training protocols have been used to produce some incredible results in terms of muscular growth and development.

The Best Way to Build Muscle in your Home.

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